Welcome To The New Home for My Blog


Arthur Turrell


October 16, 2022

This is the first post on a brand new blog site: welcome!

After a while of getting (minorly) frustrated with the code-integration available for a Jekyll-based blog, I’m making the switch to one that’s based on Quarto, the document and website preparation software tool that supports executable chunks in Python, R, and other-languages.

In getting this setup, this post by Albert Rapp has been especially useful. A while ago, I did a post on three ways to blog, which at that time were Jupyter (with nbconvert to markdown with execution), codebraid, and R markdown–none of which were perfect. Quarto takes what was good about R markdown and makes it cross-language plus a bit better.1

  • 1 Though it’s still based on the fantastic pandoc.

  • There are tons of nice features of blogging with Quarto, but one that’s particularly useful for me is being able to have proper citations, like Turrell, Sherlock, and Rose (2013). And the support for executable code plus output figures–in multiple languages–is more or less unparalled.


    Turrell, Arthur E, Mark Sherlock, and Steven J Rose. 2013. “A Monte Carlo Algorithm for Degenerate Plasmas.” Journal of Computational Physics 249: 13–21.